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test Do, make, have or take? (Angličtina)

    Autor: Beránek (15vlož. 249vyzk.+25%ø) ... vloženo 11.12.2008
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  1. What do you __ for a living?

  2. You can watch a movie after you've __ your homework.

  3. I'll just __ a quick shower and I'll be ready.

  4. My husband __ the grocery shopping twice a week.

  5. It is too dangerous, we must not __ any chances.

  6. The children __ a mess in the kitchen.

  7. How long have you __ this relationship?

  8. The Vogons are merciless, they __ no sympathy at all.

  9. Amber __ badly on her geography exam.

  10. Come with us, we're going to __ a good time.

  11. Look at your brother, you should __ an example from him.

  12. We are having guests tonight, so please __ your bed.

  13. They're winning, we cannot afford to __ any more mistakes.

  14. Can I ask you to __ me a favour?

  15. Have you and your friend __ a decision yet?

  16. Let's __ a drink, I'll get us some beer.

  17. Michael __ the computer apart and found the problem.

  18. Please excuse me, I need to __ a phonecall.

  19. We had an argument last night, but we __ up at breakfast.

  20. Could you __ off your shoes so that I can rub your feet?

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