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test Gramatické jevy pro pokročilé II (Angličtina)(čeká na schválení)

    Autor: Maria-D (10vlož. 110vyzk.+21%ø) ... vloženo 6.2.2014
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  1. The new clerk was hardworking; within a short time he made himself indispensable.

  2. IT is nice to see you again.

  3. IT is hot today.

  4. I will leave IT to you to settle the matter.

  5. STRICTLY SPEAKING, there is no exception.

  6. Would YOU like ME to marry you?


  8. With most people not having eaten for several days, the situation there is desperate.

  9. Exceptions APPEAR TO BE RARE.

  10. THERE ARE no news.

  11. The DOCTOR ORDERED the BOY TO STAY in bed.

  12. A FAT LOT she knows about it.

  13. A LONELY FIGURE, he was compelled to react to the political situation.

  14. Discover facts about William THE CONQUEROR.

  15. How to get to the ISLE OF MAN and what to do when here.

  16. THE ANGEL OF A GIRL then turned to speak to him again.

  17. THERE IS a book on the table.

  18. There is the QUESTION HOW TO DO IT.

  19. I HAPPENED TO BE FREE that day.

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