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test Citoslovce (Angličtina)

    Autor: Beránek (15vlož. 249vyzk.+25%ø) ... vloženo 24.11.2008
Test vyzkoušen 1569 krát, průměrný výsledek je 36.5%.
  1. You are a vegetarian and you are offered raw meat. What do you think?

  2. A politician is talking rubbish (as usual). What does the crowd yell?

  3. Your boyfriend/girlfriend is too passionate tonight. How do you make them slow down?

  4. There are too many pigeons around.. How do you send them flying away?

  5. You hopped on a bus just before the door closed. How do you express your relief?

  6. A granny sees two youngsters kissing in the park. She shakes her head and says..

  7. Your friend has just discovered something very obvious. You roll your eyes and say..

  8. You have just poured salt into your coffee. When you realize your mistake, you slap your forehead and say..

  9. A witch on a broomstick flies swiftly around you. What is your reaction?

  10. Which of the following interjections is NOT an expression of surprise or wonder?

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