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test Ač je to k nevíře - jsem zvíře (Angličtina)

    Autor: krt (33vlož. 273vyzk.+7%ø) ... vloženo 24.5.2007
Test vyzkoušen 130 krát, průměrný výsledek je 67.1%.
  1. Who am I? I am some kind of night bird with big shining eyes and with specific Hoooo voice

  2. I live in the forest and I am very well-known mainly from Little Red Riding Hood. Who am I?

  3. Many say I am the fastest animal in the world. I've spotty coat and my relatives in Africa are lions. I am

  4. If you live in big cities, you must know me. On the streets people very often almost stumbling over us. In London I am popular, in Prague not so much :( My name is

  5. Very cruel killer - it's my reputation. I live in the oceans, and you can see my fin on the sea' surface if you're bleeding. Simply, I love the smell of blood.

  6. King of the jungle, Cher Khan, very unpopular thanks to Mr.Kipling, is

  7. Something smells there! Ouh, what a stench!!! Surprisingly it's not a skunk, but his European relative, called

  8. I've cylindrical body with flippers, I'm hunting fishes and occasionally I'm finishing my life on the polar bear'plate. I am

  9. Many people canť believe me I'm not a fish. The truth is I'am a mammal even though I look like that. Sometimes you can see a fountain on the sea - it's made by me - a

  10. Ït's a very special species on our planet. You know him more than any other animals. So who you are?

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